Col. Strong Vincent Monument
Erie, Pennsylvania
Sculpture by Michael Kraus 1997

 The artwork of Michael Kraus is a melding of his intense interest in history with an accomplished, refined talent for rendering 3 dimensional pieces. Kraus is well known and respected in both the historical and artistic communities. Being able to fuse the two world's together gives the artist a unique niche, which continues to garner accolades in both communities.

 Through the body of work pictured on these pages you will see how the artist easily moves through stone or bronze with an eye that can capture elements from realistic sharp focus detail, to subtle surface texture manipulation. The artist exhaustingly researches his projects (see the Strong Vincent monument for example) to the point where clothing seam lines, stitching patterns, buttons, insignia, and accoutrements seen on the figure are historically accurate. The medium of lost wax, hot cast bronze allows for every nuance of Kraus' skillfully rendered clay surfaces to be translated into metal.

 Kraus's stonework technique is influenced by the unfinished work of the master Michelangelo. Strong bold chisel marks give power and direction to each piece. The artist is also intrigued by the many unknown folk artists of the 19th century who left their anonymous pieces around the country. Michael's' stone pieces range from garden ornamentation, to unique cemetery monuments, to larger than life size figural work.

 Works of art can be commissioned from concept with a client. In this manner the artist and client produce a collaborative piece, which has strong appeal and gratification. Contact information can be found by clicking the button below.


Michael Kraus
1040 W. Ingomar Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA