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Sept. 29, 2013 - On Saturday, October 5th, David Kincaid will take part in the Watchung History Day in event in New Jersey, which will included a Civil War encampment during the day, and a concert at the Watchung Arts Center at 7:30 that evening. As the venue holds only 100 people, folks are encouraged to get tickets in advance (click).

June 8, 2013 - My friends, to say that its been an extremely hectic year since the last installment of news on this page would be a huge understatement, and I offer my apologies for the long delay. Many things happened since last summer - some were incredibly great, like the birth of my son, James McCormick Kincaid - and some not so great - Hurricane Sandy. Either way, they were huge distractions that made the making of music almost impossible for a while. Things are finally beginning to settle down, and Im gradually able to get back into the studio and out to play live once in a while. With a little Irish luck, the two albums I have in the works (a new Brandos album, and a new Irish-American Civil War album), will reach completion this year, and Ill be out playing live more than a little bit.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, which most of you know is near and dear to me. My Irish-American great-great grandfather (my little sons namesake) fought in this battle, this pivotal American historic event, and the discovery of his name on the Pennsylvania monument on the battlefield back in the late 80s had a profound effect on me, and of course prompted to writing of The Brandos first single, Gettysburg. (click for YouTube video) There will be events in commemoration of the battle throughout the year, and I will be participating as a reenactor and/or performing at several of them. The big reenactment will be at the end of this month, June 27-30, sponsored by the Blue-Gray Alliance. Ill be serving as an staff officer for the Federal command, and will be performing whenever possible throughout the event. On July 7 the Poppenhusen Institute in Queens, NY will host an event in commemoration of the battle, which will include a concert (yours truly), a small army encampment and ceremonies, and of course the Music Muster at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park on August 16-17 is always a favorite. There will be events all summer surrounding this theme, please check the live performance page for the Irish/Civil war music for details and updates.

Work on The Brandos new album continues, and has actually begun to gain some momentum (I know, I know, youll believe it when you see it...). Again, its been damned hard just to sit down and work on it, but it is happening. One of the difficulties has been that in recent years, there isnt really a band here, available all the time. This means I have to do all of the work myself, and this album is even more extreme in this way than the last one (Over the Border), when Ernie Mendillo was able to come over from Slovenia, where hes been living since the late 90s, and spend four months involved in the recording. This time that is not the case, so this new album will, for all intense and purposes, be a solo album. In a sense, this is not really new, as I always did most of the writing and arranging on my own anyway since the bands inception, but could call a rehearsal and play through things with the band to get a better idea of how it was going to work. Times change, however, and as our fans have come to accept, so do the faces in the lineup (exceept mine, of course...). In the end it really doesnt matter, what matters is that the music keeps going, and Im dedicated to that purpose, and look forward to finishing this album, putting together a live band and getting out there to rock many houses. Have a great summer!

Dave Kincaid
Staten Island, NY, USA

David Kincaid
Photo taken April 15, 2012, by R.J. Gibson, Gettysburg, Penna.
The Brandos' new recording HQ, Townsend Sound Studios in Staten Island, NY.
Dave, the Studio Cat...
Molly Wee, the Studio Dog...
The studio clock at Townsend Sound Studios,
once again, Pete says "it's time to rock..."