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Passion, grit, power, heart and soul - all words used by both fans and critics to describe THE BRANDOS signature rock 'n roll. Almost from the band's inception the music industry began hailing them as "the best new American band" (The Gavin Report), Rolling Stone (US) ran a full-page story dubbing them "real contenders," and Time Magazine clinched it with their quote "The Brandos roots run deep and offer great nourishment." Their debut album release, Honor Among Thieves, with its featured single Gettysburg, received widespread radio and MTV airplay across North America and Europe with continuing critical acclaim, and paved the way for extensive touring which has continued to this day. Now, with more than twenty years of making music both live and on record, The Brandos never fail to deliver and still receive these kinds of accolades the Jan. 2007 edition of Rolling Stone (Germany) describes the bands latest release, Over the Border, as extreme hand-craftsmanship. (click for more reviews)

At the heart of The Brandos is Dave Kincaid (lead vocals, guitars, mandolin) and Ernie Mendillo (bass, vocals), whose combined spirit and vision have been the driving-force of the band since its earliest beginnings. The Brandos is a hard-driving rock n roll band - first and foremost- yet its one with a deep respect for older music traditions, occasionally flavoring the music with american, irish or latin-american traditional music. Fueled by Daves song writing, the band is known for its emotional and thought provoking songs -at times soulful and introspective, at others commanding and anthemic, yet at all times powerful and evocative.

If The Brandos recorded work has done much to garner its longtime, devoted fan-base, the bands live performance has done as much, if not more, in this regard. Characterized by the intensity of their lead and harmony vocals -crackling with emotion and conviction, searing guitar solos and a thrilling dynamic and visual projection, these shows demonstrate the punch, power and authoritative playing of The Brandos.

With a relentless drive and a deep commitment to the spirit of rock n roll, and to a lifetime of making music, The Brandos show no signs of slowing down any time soon, and look forward to a future of creating and performing their music.

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The Brandos' new album OVER THE BORDER, released Dec. 1, 2006 in Europe on the Blue Rose label, is already being hailed as "extreme hand-craftsmanship"by ROLLING STONE (Germany, Jan. '07), and features ten brand new tracks, seven of which are original, plus three renditions of classics by Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Sonics and even Pete Seeger. Includes a beautiful 3-panel full-color digipak format with lyric booket. (click for reviews) Watch a live clip of the The Brandos performing the title track from the Dec. 2006 European tour: (click to watch)
Current Releases

1. Over The Border (D. Kincaid) 4:47 MP3

2. Walking Home (D. Dysart, D. Kincaid) 4:37 MP3

3. The Only Love I Can Get (D. Kincaid) 4:33 MP3

4. She's The One (D. Kincaid) 3:47 MP3

5. The Triangle Fire (D. Kincaid) 7:04 MP3

6. Dino's Song (Dino Valenti) 3:19 MP3

7. Merrily Kissed The Quaker/The New York Volunteer 4:07 (Trad., lyric and arrangement by D. Kincaid) MP3

8. He's Waiting (Jerry Roslie) 3:35 MP3

9. Let It Go (D. Kincaid) 4:10 MP3

10. Guantanamera (Diaz, Seeger, Orbon, Marti) 4:10 MP3

Dave Kincaid: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin

Ernie Mendillo: Bass & Vocals

Frank Funaro: Drums

Andy Burton: Hammond Organ

Jerry OSullivan: Uillean Pipes & Whistle

Dennis Diken: Drums on Shes The One and Hes Waiting

Simon Kirke: Drums on The Only Love I Can Get

Produced and arranged by Dave Kincaid

Recording and mix engineering by DK & Don Sternecker at Studio 19, NYC, and Mix-O-Ludian, Lafayette, NJ.

Mastering by Joe Yanice at Classic Sound, NYC

Over the Border - 3-panel Digipak front and back (right top and bottom), with lyric booklet pages (below). (click to order)


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Released by Relativity Records (US) Sept. 1987
(Europe, RCA Records, March 1989)

1. Gettysburg MP3
2. A Matter of Survival MP3
3. Nothing to Fear MP3
4. Honor Among Thieves MP3
5. Strychnine MP3
6. Hard Luck Runner
7. In My Dreams
8. Walk on the Water MP3
9. Come home

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Released by SPV Records (Europe) May, 1996

1. Pass The Hat MP3
2. The Siege MP3
3. Tell Her That I Love Her MP3
4. The Other Side MP3
5. Can't Go Home MP3
6. You'll Still Be Mine
7. The Big Snafu
8. German Skies MP3
9. Let The Teardrops Fall
10. My Friend, My Friend MP3

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Released by SPV Records (Europe) October 1992

1. Gunfire At Midnight MP3
2. The Solution MP3
3. How The Dice Fall
4. Ridin' The Red-Eye MP3
5. Anna Lee MP3
6. We Are No Man
7. Fortunes Of War
8. Partners MP3
9. The Keeper MP3
10. One-Dog Brown
11. The Last Tambourine MP3

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Released by SPV Records (Europe) Sept. 1998

1. Nowhere Zone MP3
2. Lodi MP3
3. Trial By Fire MP3
4. Have Love Will Travel MP3
5. No Secrets, No Lies
6. Jailer Bring Me Water
7. Contribution MP3
8. The Smoky Mt. Lament MP3
9. Desperado Love
10. The War Is Over

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Released by SPV Records (Europe) September 1994

1. The Light Of Day MP3
2. Hard Times
3. The Warrior's Son MP3
4. Not A Trace MP3
5. Love of My Life MP3
6. Turn Away
7. Paddy on the Turnpike/Exit 57
8. The Hangin' Tree
9. Jail Bar Blues
10. Fight For Love MP3
11. Hard Times Come Again No More MP3

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THE BRANDOS - Contribution The Best of 1985-1999
Released by SPV Records (Europe) Dce. 1999
Includes 2 never before released studio tracks, with a 20 page
booklet with a concise history of The Brandos, liner notes on each song, and rare photos covering their career through 1999.

1. Hallowed Ground MP3
2. Gettysburg MP3
3. Nothing To Fear MP3
4. Gunfire At Midnight MP3
5. The Solution MP3
6. Partners MP3
7. The Light Of Day MP3
8. The Warrior's Son MP3
9. We Are No Man (acoustic version)
10. The Siege MP3
11. Tell Her That I Love Her MP3
12. The Other Side MP3
13. My Friend, My Friend MP3
14. Trial By Fire MP3
15. Contribution MP3
16. My Way To You MP3

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Released by SPV Records (Europe) Oct. 19956

1. Hard Luck Runner
2. Anna Lee
3. The Solution
4. Partners 
5. The Warrior's Son 
6. The Light Of Day 
7. Come Home
8. The Last Tambourine 
9. Hard Times Come Again No More 
10. Skillett Good N' Greasy 
11. Gettysburg
12. Fight For Love
13. Gunfire At Midnight 
14. Strychnine 
15. The Recruiting Sergeant
16. Get Tough 
17. Fortunes Of War 
18. Psycho

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Released by Blue Rose Records (Europe0 Dec. 2006,
Catalogue No. BLU DP0411

1. Over The Border 4:47 MP3
2. Walking Home 4:37
3. The Only Love I Can Get 4:33
4. She's The One 3:47
5. The Triangle Fire 7:04
6. Dino's Song 3:19 MP3
7. Merrily Kissed The Quaker/
The New York Volunteer 4:07
8. He's Waiting 3:35 MP3
9. Let It Go 4:10 MP3
10. Guantanamera 4:10 MP3

Notable Press - (click on each for enlarged or english versions)
GUITAR MAGAZINE (Germany) Feb. 2007
ROLLING STONE (Germany) Jan. 2007
OOR MAGAZINE (The Netherlands) June 19965
ROLLING STONE (Germany) June 19959
MUSIC EXPRESS (Germany) November 1988
MADEMOISELLE (US) February 1988
ROLLING STONE (US) November 1987
TIME MAGAZINE (US) October 1987

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*reat Seattle Grunge from another of Dave Kincaid's talented nephews: Erik Chapman.