Co. I, 116 PVI, Irish Brigade (Reenactors), began as simply "The Irish Brigade" in April, 1976, an off-shoot of another seminal reenacting unit known as "Sherman's Bummers," beginning as early as 1965. By 1982 reenacting had evolved to the point as to make it necessary to take on a designation more realistic to the unit's size. Co. I, 116th PVI was the sole Irish Brigade company from Pittsburgh, and most of our men being from that city, that designation was chosen. Authentic reenacting owes a great debt to both Sherman's Bummers and the early Irish Brigade, they being some of the first to dress in authentic uniform, drill properly and present the most realistic period camp-sites.
 Many great talents have come from our ranks: Spence Waldron-Uniforms and Drill, Greg Connell-footwear, Scotty Mehaffey for his acting abilities, Captain Kraus is a well known multi-talented artist who recently unveiled a brilliant statue of Col. Strong Vincent made for the city of Erie, PA. Mike's command talents also earned him the position of Federal commander at every major event during the 125th anniversaries. Bill Williams is famous for his period camp layouts, as are Dan Gregor and Mike Stiles for their historic artististry. My album, "The Irish Volunteer," is only a small part of the unit's ongoing tradition of historical contribution, and to the men of this company I owe a great debt for their inspired and devoted portrayal of the Irish Union Soldier.

 In the links menu below can be found a concise history of our historic reenactment company, brief histories of the original 116th PVI and the Irish Brigade, our current newsletter, equipment and sutler list, and other information relevant to our organization. Feel free to browse thorugh our pages, and get to know one of the oldest and most well-known units in Civil War reenacting.

Co. I, 116th PVI, Irish Brigade, September 1997
Photo by Marilyn Ela


The new ablum from David Kincaid, "The Irish-American's Song"is now available! (click for more info)

David Kincaid-The Irish Volunteer

Capt. and Brevet Major Samuel Taggart
Co. I, 116th PVI

Michael Kraus-Historic Sculpture