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The Brandos Kickstarter Campaign launched today! Friends and fans of The Brandos, we need your help to get a new album made. Funding is always an issue, and these days it's harder than ever. For years now, I've been receiving messages from the fans asking when there will be a new album. With your help it's happen now, and this is a great opportunity to show maximum support for the band. Please contribute if you can, and help spread the word. The campaign will run for 15 days, ending on March 27. (click for Kickstarter campaign link)

Work has very seriously begun on the next release at The Brandos' new recording HQ, Townsend Sound Studios in Staten Island, NY.
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Includes 3-panel full-color digipak format
with lyric booket. 10 new tracks! (Click to order)

David Kincaid
The Irish-American's Song

Songs of the Union and Confederate
Irish Soldiers, 1861-1865.

David Kincaid-The Irish Volunteer
Songs Of The Irish Union Soldier

The Allies-Allies
Original 1982 Release,
featuring the Seattle hit "Emma Peel."

Digitally remastered--For the first time on CD!

Michael Kraus-Historic Sculpture

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